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Why tumble dryers are hot property

Why tumble dryers are hot property

Debating the worth of tumble dryers in June might seem a bit odd, but it’s not half as batty as the UK weather.

Ok, so the sunshine has finally made an appearance, but how long it’s set to stay is anyone’s guess. One thing that won’t be going anywhere though, is the need to dry your washing.

Yes, drying clothes on the line outside is the ideal option, but how often do we get days that are suitable? And if you do go to the effort of pegging washing out, can you really be sure it won’t start to rain and that it will be dry by the end of the day?

So, whilst on first glance it may seem a little out of season, at Martin Dawes we believe it’s always a good time to talk tumblers…

What types of tumble dryer are there?

There are two main categories of tumble dryer on the market. They are:

Vented tumble dryers

Vented models have been around the longest and tend to be the cheapest option.

These machines need to be positioned near a window or outside wall, so that the steam from the drum can be pumped outside via a flexible hose. If the dryer isn’t going to be permanent - or you’re wary or unable to knock through a wall – you can simply hang the hose through an open window when the dryer is in use.

Condenser tumble dryers

With this type of tumble dryer there’s no need to vent outside, which means you can position your dryer wherever it is most convenient.

They work by condensing the hot air into water, which is then collected it in a handy container. This is then easily emptied by pouring the water into the sink when it’s reached capacity.

Why buying a tumble dryer makes sense

• The weather

Need we say more? Yes, drying clothes on a washing line is the ideal solution – for both your pocket and the environment but, unfortunately, the UK climate is less than dependable. And on the few occasions it is nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the weather, do you really want to be staring at your laundry?

• Space saving

If you have a family the chances are you produce a fair old amount of washing, which means you’ll need a big outside space to be able to hang it all out to dry. Add to that the fact that without a toasty warm day you’ll be hard pushed to get even just one load dry, and a tumble dryer starts to look even more favourable.

• Smell

Is there anything more disappointing than slipping on that clean top only to smell damp instead of the freshly washed soapy scent you’d been hoping for?

We’ve all been there. If clothes don’t dry properly – or quickly enough – they soon start to smell, making you wonder why you bothered washing them in the first place.

• Time

There’s no denying that pegging out clothes takes time. In comparison, scooping washing out of the machine and straight into the tumbler takes just seconds, and you know when you check back, they’ll be lovely and dry.

Take the time and trouble to hang items on the washing line and there’s every chance that when you go to take it in, it will be just as wet as when you started.

Buy or rent a tumble dryer from Martin Dawes

A tumble dryer is a modern-day convenience. Although in the UK, you could argue it’s a necessity!

With a host of big names brands to choose, why not take a look at the great range of tumble dryers for sale, here at Martin Dawes?

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