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Everything you need to know before buying a soundbar

Everything you need to know before buying a soundbar

Advances in technology mean we’ve come a long way since the black and white box sets of 50 years ago. With displays and visuals so life-like, a new TV will have you questioning what’s real-life and what’s on-screen.

The advances are phenomenal, but there is one sticking point.


Good, yes. But as good as the picture? Not yet. Worth knowing then, that there’s an easy way to enhance your TV’s audio – a soundbar.

Buy a soundbar from Martin Dawes today or read on to discover more about this great piece of tech. 

What is a soundbar?

Small on space, big on volume. A soundbar is the simplest way to boost the audio quality of your TV.

Capable of so much more than the average TV speaker, a soundbar can offer cinematic sound in the comfort of your living room.

To look at, a soundbar appears pretty basic. It is, as the name suggests, a long thin bar. But don’t be fooled by its appearance. Inside lies the capability to deliver virtual surround sound, thanks to the small but powerful speakers contained within.

Simple to connect (just one wire into your TV), setup is quick and easy, and the bar can be wall-mounted or sit neatly on your TV stand.

How does a soundbar improve TV audio?

As TVs have evolved, screens have got bigger – and slimmer!

The result of a growing demand for thin screens has meant the space inside for speakers has dramatically reduced, leading to the evolution of soundbars.

Most TV shows are recorded in stereo – this means the sound is split between 2 channels (left and right). Specifically designed to enhance TV audio, the internal speakers of a soundbar are positioned at either end of the bar and can perfectly direct the stereo sound to be heard in all its glory, allowing you to hear crisp clear dialogue and never miss a beat.

5 things to consider when buying a soundbar

1. Active or passive

Shopping for soundbars you’ll discover there are 2 types available - ‘passive’ and ‘active’. The difference is that active soundbars have built-in amplifiers for an even bigger volume boost.

The most compact and hassle-free option is active. Passive soundbars tend to be more expensive – but the audio is usually enhanced. 


2. Channels

Weighing up the best buy, you’ll also be hit with channel choice – and we’re not talking about what TV programme you want to watch!

When it comes to soundbars, channels relate to the individual speakers inside. So 2-channel soundbars have 2 speakers – one on the left, one on the right. And 3-channel versions add to this with a speaker in the centre.

You can find models offering 5 or even 7-channels but 2 and 3 tend to be the most popular (and pocket friendly) options.


3. Subwoofers

To really feel the impact of great sound you need a subwoofer. This can be housed in the bar itself or be a separate unit. If you go for a standalone subwoofer, it’s worth going wireless to avoid trailing wires.


4. Connectivity

Store all your favourite music on your phone? Then make sure you opt for a soundbar capable of connecting up to your different devices. Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, HDMI – check out all your connection options.


5. Where it’s going

Planning to put your soundbar on your TV stand? Great idea, but have you checked it will fit?  For the best effect, it needs to be above or below your TV and positioned as centrally as possible.

Whilst soundbars are all the same basic shape they do come in a range of sizes – different lengths, depths etc. - so finding one to fit your space is easy. Just be sure to take the time to measure up before you buy to guarantee a perfect fit.   


Buy a soundbar

Turn up the volume on your TV and immerse yourself in crisp, clear audio with a soundbar from Martin Dawes. 

We have a great range of soundbars available from all the big-name brands – Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG – and all at great prices. Shop the collection today or for more help and guidance picking out the right model for you, get in touch with the team.