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Why has my vacuum cleaner lost suction?

Why has my vacuum cleaner lost suction?

Is your vacuum cleaner not picking up those dust bunnies as well as it used to? We are often blown away by the powerful suction of a brand-new vacuum, only to be disillusioned when, within months, it starts to let us down.

Vacuum cleaners can lose suction for a range of reasons. In this post, we’ll go through the causes of lost suction and how you can attempt to fix them.

Is the vacuum cleaner bag full?

Some vacuum cleaners have bags, whilst others do not. If yours has a bag, it’s important to replace it regularly.

You shouldn’t simply empty the bag and reuse it. Whilst it’s certainly a more economical option, it is likely to lead to lost suction. This is because, over time, a layer of fine dust particles will line the inside of the bag and will eventually prevent incoming air from escaping properly.

If your vacuum cleaner is bagless, ensure it’s been properly emptied and that you’ve cleaned all the filters thoroughly.

We recommend the Samsung Jet 90 Pet vacuum cleaner, as all parts of the dust bin, including the multi-cyclone and filters, can be removed and submerged in water to clean them thoroughly. It’s also got a fully digital display, which lets you know when the vacuum needs charging, and the five-layer HEPA filter can actually boost the quality of the air in your home!

Samsung Jet 90 Pet vacuum cleaner.
Samsung Jet 90 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Loss of vacuum suction caused by blocked hose

One of the most common reasons for a loss in vacuum suction is a blockage in the hose.

If you’ve checked the hose and all looks clear, take a look at any other places where air can pass through the machine. Each vacuum cleaner is different, but some are fairly easy to take apart and check for blockages. With other brands, you might be better taking your vacuum to a repair shop.

Again, the importance of cleaning your filters regularly should not be underestimated. If you haven’t cleaned them for a while, give it a go. You may be surprised at how much suction is gained by simply giving your vacuum filters a thorough wash. It’s also worth replacing them once in a while.

Loss of vacuum suction due to a damaged hose

Whilst you’re checking for blockages in your vacuum’s hose, you should also check for cracks. The smallest amount of air escaping through a damaged hose can cause a massive loss in suction.

Some manufacturers will replace vacuum hoses fairly inexpensively. However, if you’ve got an older model of vacuum cleaner, or one that’s been discontinued, you may find it hard to source parts for it. In this case, a new vacuum cleaner is the only real option.

Other reasons why a vacuum cleaner may not work

Aside from losing suction, there are several other ways in which a vacuum cleaner can malfunction. These include:

  • A broken belt – ensure that opening your vacuum up won’t void any warranty before you check this.
  • Debris in agitator brush – if someone in your household has long hair, this will be a common occurrence. Clean the brush regularly to keep your vacuum working properly.
  • Moisture – the majority of vacuum cleaners aren’t suitable for wet cleaning. If water gets into your vacuum cleaner, it can damage the motor. This will cause a permanent reduction in power, and for the cost of a new motor, you might as well purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

Maintenance is key

The key takeaway here is that putting a bit of effort into maintaining your vacuum cleaner should ensure that it serves you well for many years.

However, if your vacuum is repeatedly losing suction without any obvious cause, it may be time to invest in a new one from Martin Dawes.

Hoover Upright 500 Reach Vacuum Cleaner
Hoover Upright 500 Reach Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve checked out the Samsung Jet 90 Pet vacuum cleaner and you’d prefer a corded vacuum, or just something a little cheaper, check out the Hoover Upright 500 Reach vacuum. It’s ultra-manoeuvrable to get to those tricky spots under the sofa, and the extra-long hose can reach up to a whopping 15 metres! This means you can clean a whole flight of stairs without having to lug the machine along with you.

At Martin Dawes, we have over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. If you have any questions about our vacuum cleaners, or any of our other electrical products, give us a call on 01925 938999.