Why TV rental makes sense

Why TV rental makes sense

Hankering after the latest tech? Desperate to upgrade your TV but don’t want it to be out of date before you’ve even ripped open the box?

There’s no denying technology moves quickly but there is an easy way to keep up - TV rental.

Renting can get bad press. Your ears are probably ringing with warnings about ‘throwing money away’. So, you may be surprised to hear that hiring a TV can actually be a great idea and could be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

Keen to find out more? Here the TV experts at Martin Dawes, lift the lid on the reality of renting.


What is TV rental?

You mean aside from a good idea?! TV rental is designed to help make televisions more affordable, putting modern technology within reach of everyone - regardless of budget.

Rather than paying a large lump sum and owning the TV forever, rental allows you to make much smaller, more manageable payments for as long as you wish to keep the screen. Payments are usually monthly but can be yearly – search for a deal that works best for your finances.

Decide the TV’s not right or need to tighten the purse strings for a bit, and you can simply return the TV. Making rental worry-free.


What are the benefits of TV rental?

It already sounds like a no-brainer but the advantages of renting don’t stop there.

With TV rental you:

·         Stay on top of tech trends

Technology is constantly evolving and one of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to buying a new TV is how quickly it will date.

Renting eliminates this concern.

Free to upgrade to a newer model at any time, you’re not tied to any one TV. With the freedom to change at any time, you can be confident of keeping pace with the latest trends. 


·         Try before you buy

Not sure a 55” TV is going to look right? Concerned 32” might be too small?  Remove the fear you’ll be left paying for a TV that just isn’t right for you and rent instead.

Whether it’s smart technology, screen definition or size that matters to you, with the flexibility to change your TV whenever you wish, you can try out different sizes and specs to find the right fit for you and your home.


·         Manage your finances

There’s no point in pretending TVs are cheap. They’re not. But they can be affordable.

By renting you avoid any eye-watering outlay and can instead opt for more manageable monthly or annual payments – putting you in complete control of your finances.


·         Don’t worry about repairs

Technology is great…until it stops working!

TV repairs can be costly. An unexpected expense we can all do without – what you don’t want to be without though, is your TV.

Good to know then, that with a good rental deal ongoing maintenance and repairs will be taken care of as part of your agreement. Meaning there’s no need to miss out on your daily dose of Corrie or wait too long for your next fix of a Netflix original.


·         Enjoy hassle-free setup

With the right TV rental company, you can enjoy easy, stress-free setup.

Whilst we can’t speak for anyone else, rent from Martin Dawes and not only will we deliver your TV for free, we won’t leave until you’re fully up and running. Our friendly team will even give you a demo of how everything works, so you can be completely confident you’re enjoying the best viewing experience.


TV rental from Martin Dawes

To rent, to buy, TVs are what we do best. So end your search for ‘TV rental near me’ right here and relax knowing you’ve found the best in the business with Martin Dawes.

Our worry-free rental options will have you up and running in no time at all. With deals starting from as little as £3.00 per week.

To find out more about renting and how it could work for you or to start enjoying TV rental straightaway, talk to the team