Price Match

We won’t be beaten on price!

We are proud to offer more than just great prices, but we never want price to be a reason you shop elsewhere.

If you find Amazon,, Argos, Asda, Curry's, John Lewis, or Tesco has the same product at a cheaper price, we'll match it in most instances.

Make a note of the product number, its price and the competitor you want us to match. We’ll verify these details and match the price then and there. To benefit by phone, call 01925 555 066, email or visit our showroom.

Price Matches are down to Managers Discretion.

Price promise terms and conditions

• We'll match our competitor’s store or website UK price.
• The competitor’s product must be brand new, identical to ours, and offered on the same terms.
• We and the competitor must have stock ready for delivery.
• We must be able to verify the competitor’s price and stock position.
• We’ll match the price of a product; not delivery charges or other services.
• Cannot be used with any other offer.
• Promotional code lasts for 24 hours.
• Code cannot be used over Black Friday weekend.