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5 reasons why you need more fridge space

5 reasons why you need more fridge space

Fundamental to most homes, the fridge is one appliance few kitchens could live without.

The basic purpose of a fridge is to keep the contents chilled. Not just because we all love a cold drink on a warm day but because cooler temperatures slow the activity of bacteria, helping to keep food fresh for longer.

It makes sense then, that as summer kicks in and temperatures begin to soar, so too does the demand for fridge space.

Under counter fridges, built-in fridges, the classic larder fridge, right through to the iconic American fridge-freezers - there’s a world of choice. But cool sundowners aside, is bigger always better and do your really need more room?

Here the team at Martin Dawes, take a look at why increasing fridge space is a great idea – whatever the season!

5 reasons to increase the size of your fridge

#1 – to stay fresh

Who doesn’t want to enjoy food at its freshest? Food stored in a chilled fridge not only retains its vitamin and nutrients for longer but also holds on to its taste and texture too. Yum yum.

#2 – to prevent waste

The UK generates a shocking amount of food waste every year – some 6.7 tonnes! That figure equates to vast quantities of food being thrown away and to huge sums of money being wasted too – around £250-£400 per household.

A better way for that money to be spent? On a new fridge to ensure you have enough space to keep food fresh and in a usable condition for longer.

#3 – to be more organised

Never know what to have for dinner? Fed up of finding food lurking at the back of the fridge that’s gone past its best?

Much food waste occurs because items simply get forgotten. But with a larger fridge, you have more room to space items out and can organise the contents better. Grouping similar items together is a great idea, helping to ensure nothing gets overlooked and that food is eaten in date order.

#4 – to be healthier

We all know fresh fruit and veg are the key to a balanced diet. But eating fresh tends to cost more - and take up more fridge space - and the last thing you want are your perishables going off before you’ve had chance to enjoy them.

With a bigger fridge, the amount of fresh food you can keep at a cooler temperate is increased – meaning you can stock up on the good stuff and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

#5 - to have more time

As life starts to get back to normal, it’s likely that a trip to the supermarket is no longer the highlight of your week, and that time is, yet again, harder to come by.

Increasing fridge space allows you to store more fresh food, keeping trips to the local shops to a minimum and helping to free up your time.

Struggling for space?

Love the idea of an all-singing-all-dancing American fridge but would never squeeze one in?

More fridge space doesn’t have to mean supersizing. Instead, how about buying a small additional fridge to supplement what you already have. An undercounter fridge can slot into an unused space, or how about a drinks fridge that could be stored in the garage or garden shed?

Maybe you’re happy with the size of your fridge but just fancy having a little more room to play with over summer. Then why not rent a fridge from Martin Dawes? With great pay weekly prices you can rent a fridge, hassle-free, for extra chilled storage during the warmer months.

Check out the great range of fridges we have available to rent or buy online now. And to find out more about our great offers talk to a member of the team today.